October 14, 2010

I had been on the hunt for a blue lamp for a while. I've seen plenty around, I just didn't want to pay the BIG bucks for one. Enter a trip to the local thrift store. I found this darling little lamp, hidden in the back corner of the shelf, behind a bunch of other lamps. She was the one - gorgeous curves and lines and just WOW! ;) I promise you that when I picked her up, she was positively GLOWING! Haha!


I wasn't quite sure where she was going to go at first. I thought about keeping it to use in my daughters room once I get it all together. But, I could hear her begging me to use her in the living room - and the inspiration hit me on the paint aisle at WalMart.

So, I got her home and got to work. She got a light sanding and a light coat of primer. Then came the moment she had been waiting for ALL HER LIFE!


Oh, she isn't quite finished yet - as you can see. She needs just the "right" shade and I've got an idea, but I need a cheap frame and my thrift store didn't have any to fit her. :( But, soon she'll be done and I'll post the finished product. For now I LOVE staring at her. She's asked me to stop, but I can't help it! ;)

p.s. No, my table is not finished yet. I think we I have decided to strip the paint from the bottom and start over. :/ Not exactly what I really wanted to do, but I think it will be better in the long run. Hopefully I can commission someone to do that for me this weekend? We shall see...

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